Ceramic Veneers

An attractive smile is the cornerstone of facial beauty.

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Ceramic Veneers

An attractive smile is the cornerstone of facial beauty.

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For over 40 years, at the Bistolfi Dental Clinic, we have put our name in what we do and that is why Veneers, as well as all the other medical treatments we offer, are guaranteed, free of any unwanted side effects and absolutely effective.
After a careful visit, we will be able to advise you on the type of veneers best suited to you. Our goal has always been to preserve healthy dental material as much as possible by exploiting the extraordinary characteristics of modern ceramic materials.

What are Veneers?

Modern ceramic veneers allow you to solve aesthetic problems affecting the anterior teeth (color, shape, size) in a minimally invasive way and keeping the teeth vital.

The veneers are to be considered small “shells” built in the dental laboratory on the basis of precision impressions taken on the teeth to be treated. They are hand built and customized.

Dark, too small, broken or unsightly shaped teeth can thus become perfect.

Facets are in fact widely used by movie stars and celebrities.

In addition to the “hand” that prepares them, the quality of the ceramic material used to build them is also very important, ours is the best available on the world market and is guaranteed for life.


The art of creating Veneers.

Only the best dental technicians


Committed to health. Inspired by beauty.

If they are not natural they are not Veneers.

Our clinical cases before and after

We correct all types of imperfections, from overly “aged” teeth to the replacement of incongruous prostheses. The goal is to get beautiful but natural looking teeth.

When art meets dentistry

There are veneers and veneers. Our Veneers are exclusively created by hand by layering the ceramic a little at a time, inserting colors and transparencies. The result is to obtain totally natural and “alive” looking teeth. Our dental laboratory creates these artifacts thanks to the experience and artistic ability of qualified professionals.

How to create a ceramic veneer

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Correction of the “gingival” smile

A very common dental imperfection is the so-called “gum smile” or “gummy smile”.

Through the use of modern lasers it is possible to correct the shape and size of the gums, thus also allowing the insertion of veneers that can enlarge and improve the shape of the teeth.

This treatment gives our patients a lot of satisfaction.

Teeth worn out by Bruxism? Solve with additional Veneers!

Stress is the disease of the century, by now we know. One of the worst effects of stress on our teeth is the so-called bruxism or teeth grinding. Over the years, the teeth wear out and lose their original shape, also creating damage to the temporomandibular joint.

In this case by applying “additional” Veneers it will be possible to practically avoid filing the teeth and add only the Veneers on the worn teeth in such a way as to restore the correct shapes and heights to chewing and obviously with a great aesthetic benefit.

Beautiful and healthy teeth for an irresistible smile

Veneers solve problems of shape, color, size, structure and health of the teeth in a single solution.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about Veneers or our other treatments? Feel free to contact us whenever you want!
In the meantime, here we answer some of the questions we get asked most often.

Can the Veneers come off accidentally?

Absolutely not. Once the Veneers are cemented they will no longer come off. Only the dentist will eventually be able to remove them.

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How long do veneers last?

Our Veneers have a lifetime. They will not change in color and will not peel off.

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How many veneers do you need to insert to have a perfect smile?

It depends on each case. Sometimes it is enough to correct even one or two teeth to correct serious imperfections. The Total Smile Makeover instead involves the insertion of 10/12 Veneers for each of the two dental arches and allows you to build a completely new smile.

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