Ceramic Veneers

Simple, painless and effective.

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Ceramic Veneers

An attractive smile is the cornerstone of facial beauty.

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For over 40 years, at the Bistolfi Dental Clinic, we have put our name in what we do and that is why Veneers, as well as all the other medical treatments we offer, are guaranteed, free of any unwanted side effects and absolutely effective.
After a careful visit, we will be able to advise you on the type of veneers best suited to you. Our goal has always been to preserve healthy dental material as much as possible by exploiting the extraordinary characteristics of modern ceramic materials.

What are Veneers?

Modern ceramic veneers allow you to solve aesthetic problems affecting the anterior teeth (color, shape, size) in a minimally invasive way and keeping the teeth vital.

The veneers are to be considered small “shells” built in the dental laboratory on the basis of precision impressions taken on the teeth to be treated. They are hand built and customized.

Veneers are a popular option for people with stained, crooked or oddly shaped teeth. 

Porcelain veneers are placed on the surface of specific teeth, making them the ideal treatment for a range of cosmetic issues. Patients tend to prefer porcelain veneers because they easily mask undesirable defects and damage — for example, staining caused by tetracycline, damage resulting from root canals or other surgery, chipped teeth or naturally occurring gaps. And because of how they are attached, they easily mask discoloration and fillings.


The art of creating Veneers.

Only the best dental technicians


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If they are not natural they are not Veneers.

Our clinical cases before and after

We correct all types of imperfections, from overly “aged” teeth to the replacement of incongruous prostheses. The goal is to get beautiful but natural looking teeth.

When art meets dentistry

Ou Dental veneers are custom made in a dental laboratory using impressions of the patient’s teeth. Our veneerds are designed on a 3D virtual computer model, with you as a partner in the design of your own Porcelain Veneers. Any corrections can be done immediately without sending back to a laboratory and having to wait weeks while going back into temporaries. 



How to create a ceramic veneer

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Got a Gummy Smile? Just One of Many Reasons to Consider Veneers

If your smile isn’t as white as you’d like it, you might consider dental veneers to add a whiter shade than may be possible from your natural teeth, even with professional treatment. It’s the secret behind many a Hollywood smile. However, brightness is only one dental condition that veneers can improve.

The shape of your teeth also has a huge effect on the impact of your smile. Some people have “short” teeth, so when they smile, gum tissue features prominently. If you’ve got a gummy smile, veneers may be a solution for a more balanced appearance. These versatile, thin caps look and wear much like your natural teeth, and they can blend with other teeth, as well as brighten.

Veneers for Grinders – Replacing lost tooth length

When you have a hard time stopping yourself from grinding your teeth, you can experience several concerning issues. This habit can negatively affect the alignment of your jaw, which can lead to chronic pain. It can also lead to significant wear and tear on your teeth hurts your smile and oral health. At our Clinics, we are prepared to address the effects of habitual teeth grinding, known as bruxism, through cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers can cover damage done to your enamel while positively reshaping worn teeth to improve the way you look. Because teeth grinding often takes place at night, we can also provide protection for your teeth in the form of a custom night guard that you can wear while you sleep.

Beautiful and healthy teeth for an irresistible smile

Veneers solve problems of shape, color, size, structure and health of the teeth in a single solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our patients are constantly asking questions concerning a variety of subjects involving their oral health. So, we have provided a list of common questions and answers especially for you. If the question you have is not on our list, please feel free to either call or ask us in person. We would love to help you! 

Do veneers fall off?

Absolutely not. Once the Veneers are cemented they will no longer come off. Only the dentist will eventually be able to remove them.

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How long do veneers last?

Our Veneers have a lifetime. They will not change in color and will not peel off.

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How many veneers do I need?

It depends on each case. Sometimes it is enough to correct even one or two teeth to correct serious imperfections. For a complete smile makeover patients often choose to have 10/12 veneers. This is chosen when the patient wants to improve the colour considerably and correct oral concerns like discolouration. 

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