#invisible wire

The only truly invisible treatment.

Fixed lingual orthodontics without brackets. Fast and invisible.


We are the only clinic to use this technique in the whole region.

One technique patented which uses some secrets covered by an international patent. A revolutionary technique that foresaw years of studies and experimentation.

How does it work?

the #INVISIBLE WIRE is a sliding orthodontic technique like all other lingual techniques but instead of using metal attachments, the wire runs inside an anatomical composite fixed on the lingual surfaces of the anterior teeth (canines and incisors) and on the chewing surface of the teeth posterior (premolars and molars).

How long does it take?

As in all orthodontic therapies, the duration of treatment is subjective and varies from case to case. However, the #INVISIBLE WIRE can be considered very fast as the composite fixed on the occlusal surface of the posterior teeth allows a “disclusion”, that is a slight elevation effect that allows the teeth to move more freely and therefore in less time.

Who is it suitable for?

The #INVISIBLE WIRE is a very suitable technique for adults who want to align their teeth discreetly, without having to change their lifestyle habits. Nobody will notice that they are wearing the device and thanks to its extraordinary speed the results will be seen in no time. This technique is also particularly suitable for aligning the teeth in the pre-application phase of ceramic veneers. Another frequent use is for the rapid correction of orthodontic relapses, that is, for those who want to realign their teeth that for some reason have moved after an orthodontic treatment performed in the past.


straighten adult teeth?

Yes we can! You have to!

Straighter teeth are synonymous with health, as well as aesthetics. In fact, badly positioned teeth are more difficult to keep clean and more subject to the so-called periodontal risk, i.e. they favor gingivitis and periodontitis.




What today’s aesthetic needs require is to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Straight teeth are therefore a fundamental part of it and being able to obtain them quickly and in a completely invisible way motivates many of our patients to undertake this treatment.

Filo Invisibile prima e dopo

Invisible Thread: What Our Patients Say

The opinions of those who really brought the INVISIBLE WIRE :

Since I was little I have always had a crooked upper incisor and I had never wanted to wear braces, then I discovered the INVISIBLE WIRE and in a couple of months the result was practically achieved. Incredible … seeing is believing!

I own a bar and I didn’t want to have visible fixed braces, since I put on the INVISIBLE WIRE my teeth have straightened and when I tell my clients that I have braces none of them believe me! Very satisfied !!!