About us

For over 40 years and two generations with seriousness and passion.

In 1980 in Ventimiglia, the Doctor Roberto Bistolfi together with Doctor Cassini Bistolfi Ada , surgeons specializing in odontostomatology, open the Bistolfi Dental Practice. They have recently returned from Philadelphia where they were able to complete their professional training started at the Faculty of Medicine – University of Genoa.

In a few months, the practice becomes a reference point for cutting-edge dentistry, in fact they represent a radical innovation compared to the previous generation of dentists still operating in the area.
Dr. Roberto Bistolfi, making use of the collaboration of talented dental technicians today internationally established and using excellent materials, solves even very complex clinical cases, obtaining lasting results, earning the esteem and satisfaction of patients in a short time.


We have been operating for over 40 years


Satisfied patients


Generations of Dentists

Right from the start, Dr. Cassini begins to pay particular attention to the dental care of children, establishing a gradual and non-traumatic approach that will allow several generations of patients to achieve perfect dental health never knowing the infamous “fear of the dentist”.

Years pass and the two Doctors transmit the same passion for this profession to their sons Filippo and Francesco who in fact undertake the same course of study at the University of Genoa and graduated respectively in 2008 and 2010.

“Everyone can’t do everything, you need to specialize”

~ Dr. Bistolfi Roberto

The Dr. Filippo Bistolfi after a period as a university assistant and two masters in orthodontics, he began practicing at the office, which in the meantime was expanded and became a clinic, dealing with orthodontics and dental aesthetics.

The Dr. Francesco Bistolfi He immediately began to collaborate with Prof. Alberto Rebaudi, surgeon and researcher of international fame, and after a master in Endodontics he joined the clinical staff dealing with Endodontics, Periodontology and Conservation.

The Prof. Alberto Rebaudi completes the team, lending his immense knowledge and his undisputed talent dealing with Implantology and Oral Surgery.

The third child of the Bistolfi family, Umberto , born in 1996, has just finished his studies in Dentistry at the UIC – International University in Barcelona.

And the story continues …


“When you put your name on the line, you don’t have to disappoint.”

~ Dr. Ada Cassini Bistolfi

Giving the best service by practicing quality dentistry is the only way not to fear competition. Here everyone can feel cared for by their family dentist while enjoying the advantages of a large multi-specialist and multi-operator clinic.

∼ Dr. Filippo Bistolfi