Why rely on us for your dental care


Why rely on us for your dental care

Be our patient?
Here’s what that means:

Health is a serious matter and cannot be turned into a supermarket commodity: oral health means smiling, chewing, talking, feeling good about yourself and yourself.
The patient finds in us all the characteristics of a trusted dentist, in a multi-operator structure that allows us to offer a high specialization of each individual doctor in each different branch of modern dentistry such as implantology, orthodontics, prosthesis, pediatric dentistry, endodontics.

In addition to the quality of care, we pay particular attention to patient comfort, which means extreme personalization of care, an agreed choice of different solutions to meet each type of need, including economic, an agreed choice of timing clinical. , long-term support and warranty, free checks.

High quality dental care is all this and much more … And if you are one of our patients, you know it!

The family dentist

In total contradiction with the policy of dental and low cost commercial chains whose only interest is to insert the greatest number of implants in the fewest appointments possible, while maximizing the income, we provide dental assistance and care. complete, from child to adult patient, to the elderly.

Our thirty-year presence in the region allows us to fully embody the figure of the “family dentist”,

that is to say the one who has always followed the course of treatment of a patient, from prevention to the management of emergencies, knowing his clinical history and knowing perfectly the work previously carried out. For this reason, at the Bistolfi Clinic it is possible to enjoy FAMILY FORMULA which guarantees all the direct relatives of one of our patients a 15% reduction on all care.

What does quality mean to us

We provide excellent dental care through: