Why choose us

From the minute you walk into our practice, you’ll see why we stand out – not only do we have the expertise and range of services to ensure your dental needs are met, our patients also frequently comment on what a lovely atmosphere we provide, offering a refreshingly easy experience compared to other dental practices.



Why rely on us for your dental care

Welcome to the Bistolfi Dentail Clinics

Our mission is to provide the best dental health services with integrity and commitment to excellence. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. This includes every aspect of our practice, from the dental treatments we provide to the equipment we use to our health and safety protocols to the incidental services we offer, such as being available to our patients during dental emergencies. Our aim is to provide each of our patients with healthy teeth and gums, and beautiful smiles throughout their lives.



We work with our patients so they can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile and complete dental health. We take the time to explain their treatment options and inform them of additional preventative care. We feel this will lead to a more trusting doctor/patient relationship and for many people relieve the stress about seeing a dentist.


Our thirty-year presence in the region allows us to fully embody the figure of the “family dentist”.

Not all general dentists are family dentists. Most family dentists have at least some training related to working with children, though not as much as specialized pediatric dentists. This means that family dentistry is intended to help you address your oral health needs, and those of your children, at every stage of life.

For this reason, at the Bistolfi Clinic it is possible to enjoy the FAMILY FORMULA which guarantees a 15% reduction on all care for all members of a family.


About Bistolfi Dental Clinics

Our dental staff is a group of experienced, highly trained dentists performing all phases of dentistry. 

We provide excellent dental care through: