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What is orthodontics

Orthodontics deals with the maintenance, restoration or creation of the correct bone relationship between the jaws, the correct relationship between the dental arches and the alignment of the teeth, for a correct masticatory, phonatory and aesthetic function.

It does not only deal with the alignment of the teeth for aesthetic purposes, but its main and primary role is to restore a correct function of the stomatognathic system.

The correlations that exist between the development of the maxillary bones, the dental alignment, the functions of the perioral musculature and the tongue, with the posture, function and movement of other districts are ascertained.

The two phases of orthodontics

The first stage:

Interceptive or myofunctional orthodontics intervenes in the phase of mixed dentition (presence of deciduous and permanent teeth between 5 and 9 years) and takes care of interfering with those muscular forces, in particular the tongue, which can adversely affect the harmonious development of the jaw bones

This can be done with the use of mobile orthodontic appliances called “functional”.

The second phase:

Later orthodontics, once the exchange is completed or rather in the last phase of the dental exchange, is interested in dental alignment using fixed type equipment (brackets) which can be of various types and the duration of the treatment can vary from case to case .

It is obvious that the interceptive treatment greatly facilitates this phase as it predisposes to the correct relationship of the dental arches, to the creation of sufficient spaces for dental alignment and eliminates the muscular interferences that can hinder the treatment or predispose it to a relapse.

Paying a visit around the age of 6-7 is therefore essential

It is important to make an orthodontic visit early, to “intercept” any problem affecting the stomatognathic system. The orthodontic visit or “orthodontic check-up” consists of several steps.

To obtain a study that is as precise as possible and aimed at a correct treatment plan, a correct DIAGNOSIS is essential, and to do this the following are essential:

  • an orthopantomography
  • a lateral-lateral teleradiography
  • a set of intra and extra oral photos
  • the impressions of the arches for the creation of the plaster model of the mouth.

A correct diagnosis is one of the most important factors for the optimization of orthodontic treatment, resulting in a shorter duration of the same and an optimal quality of the result.

Prevention in orthodontics

Even in orthodontics we can prevent many of the developmental anomalies and dental eruption by changing some of the attitudes of children. For example, “spoiled habits” are defined as a series of childhood behaviors which, if continued beyond a certain age, certainly affect the bone growth of the jaws.

These can be summarized in:

  • use of the pacifier over 3 years
  • finger sucking over 2 years
  • use of the bottle over 5 years
  • and for older children: biting the pen, biting their nails, putting objects in their mouths.

Other things that parents should note are: oral breathing, discomfort in speech and swallowing, snoring or dyspnea at night, labial incompetence (lips always open).

All of these attitudes can be caused or caused by functional problems that orthodontics can correct and resolve.

Our orthodontic treatments

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An exclusive technique: the INVISIBLE FILO

A fixed appliance completely invisible because it is fixed on the internal surface and very comfortable because it does not require the use of attachments.

It is the preferred technique and used by movie and sports stars in Milan. We are currently the only orthodontic practice to use this exclusive appliance in the entire Liguria Region.

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Straighten your adult teeth?

It can. Must!

“Straight” teeth are synonymous with, as well as aesthetics , of health. In fact, badly positioned teeth are more difficult to keep clean and more subjected to the so-called periodontal risk, i.e. they favor gingivitis and periodontitis. dental malposition also causes postural problems, back pain, headaches and problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Answers to frequently asked questions

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In the meantime, here we answer some of the questions we get asked most often.

Is orthodontics in adults successful?

Absolutely yes! Thanks to modern invisible techniques, it is also possible to resolve dental mis-positioning in a discreet way and without impacting the aesthetics of the smile.

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Can the teeth of judgment turn their teeth upside down?

Yes, the arrival of the teeth of the Judgment, which usually erupt or ‘born’ around 18-20 years (but also after) usually causes orthodontic problems to the teeth already present. The wisdom teeth in fact press on all the other teeth causing an ‘overlap’ of the latter. The solution? Predict the eruption of wisdom teeth and extract them before they can cause damage.

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Once straightened, can teeth come back crooked?

If the orthodontic treatment has not been carried out correctly and if the ‘restraint’ is not carried, it is possible that relapses may occur. These are usually mild, so your teeth will never go back to the way they used to be, but it’s still important to prevent this from happening. At our Clinic we provide a free long-term control service that allows us to monitor and prevent any possible relapse.

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What is restraint?

Orthodontic restraint usually consists of a small metal wire fixed in the lingual wall of the lower teeth and a transparent and removable mask / byte that wraps the teeth in the upper arch (the latter must be worn at night). These devices allow the dentition to remain ‘saved’ in exactly the perfect position we put it in after an orthodontic treatment. In short, bringing restraint guarantees that the teeth can no longer move over time.

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